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[01 Sep 2006|11:48pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

first day of spring and the weather couldnt be more perfect! sO lovin' it!!

i know i've be MIA from livejournal world so i think its about time i update. there's nothing much to say, everything is pretty much the same but i've been thinkin a lot lately about my life and what to do with myself hahaha. i've got BIG plans but nothing definite yet and i'd rather not reaveal it for now, just in case it doesnt pull through so keep me in your prayers and that GOD would grant me my heart's desire... dont worry what i want wouldnt harm others and for once its not a boyfriend im wishin. for once in my life i dont want one.

i want to sort out my life first before i let any man mess with my head again. the way i see it how can i expect anyone to love me for the way i am inside and out when im not even 100% happy with me. i need to learn to love me first *not in a narcistic way though* i have to learn to stop pleasing others all the time and not worry to much bout what other people thinks of me.

though in saying that im still willing to hang out or go out on friendly dates because trust me when i say that i get lonely, i long & crave for that special bond & intimacy you have when you're in a relationship but i think for the mean time it would be for the best for everyone that i only offer FRIENDSHIP for now. i dont want to hurt anyone's feelings and dont want them hurtin mine. plus i think thats what was lackin' in my previous relationships. we were sO into each other that we skipped that whole friends bit and jumped into a romantic relationship straight away. i want to be careful this time. i dont think i would be able to take the immense pain i had to to go through. when the right time comes hopefully i'd get to meet that special someone who would make me see why it didnt work out with anyone else.

but for now i'll just try to enjoy the FREEDOM and continue to try to be a better person.

BTW im going to QUEENSLAND in four days for almost two weeks. *ecstatic*

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[14 Mar 2006|10:08pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

once again im making my lj...


im sick of those people who are only brave enough to leave nasty/unwanted comments under anonymous. i dont need such dramas and they mean nothing to me. its not that i've got anything to hide but its better that only select few can read it plus other people who've got nothing to do with this journal wont get involved. enough already. im asking you nicely, just let me be. please.

NON-LJ. sorry, email me and i shall give you a password to access it. *smiles*
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hawaii is beautiful [06 Feb 2005|01:44pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

[ im off to... ]
one week of haven, one week of pleasure. oh yeah.

i shall update with pictures, much love catherine
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